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Writing inspiration for language professionals

How did you end up in your profession?

You take pleasure in words, enjoy language, love both reading and writing – all reasons for making a career out of language. And for becoming an editor, translator, text writer, copywriter, language teacher, journalist, newspaper editor, minute-taker, writing trainer or coach. Or for choosing another profession that centres on language.

And yet there are times when you lose some of that pleasure. You have so much to do. Writing commercial texts, informative texts, instructive texts, search engine optimised texts and all of that for demanding readers: clients, subscribers, users, students, pupils, trainees and of course Google.

Writing just for fun? Love to! But when? How do you find time for it and how do you stay motivated?

This is why you should join Prompt!

Inspiration every week

An interview, articles, films, poetry – it might be any of these. Prompt! brings you inspiration every week.


Fun assignments

Challenging assignments that make you look differently at text and what you take back to experiencing the fun of writing.


Contact with collegues

All participants are language professionals. They know what it is to write and what jour job entails. What a network!

Minimum investment of time

You don’t need more than a quarter of an hour to stimulate your creativity. But obviously we won’t stop you if you want to work longer on it.

Develop in your profession

True, you need knowledge and skills. But what distinguishes you is creativity. And you develop that by creating.

Try it out for three weeks

Try it out for three weeks. Not your thing? Just send us an email within those three weeks and we will refund your subscription fee. No hard feelings.

Write fluently

Prompt! gets you an email full of inspiration every Friday. It might be a poem, a paragraph from a book, a film clip, an interview or a song. It will be accompanied by a creative writing assignment. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. In principle, 15-20 minutes should be enough. But if you’d like to spend the whole weekend on it, that’s fine too.

Once completed, you can share your result with other participants on Slack, an independent forum platform, or in the closed Facebook group. Just because it’s fun and surprising to see what other people have done with the same prompt. And you can ask each other for feedback too, if you like.


Logo Prompt-Writing

This is why they joined Prompt!

I’m really enjoying the way this is involving me with writing in a different way. After a couple of surprising assignments, I’m already looking forward to it every week. Taking time out to freestyle on the keyboard, great!

Judith Lissenberg – copywriter

Daarom kozen zij voor Prompt!

Ik ging van opdracht naar opdracht, maar door de prompts neem ik ook weer eens de tijd om puur voor de lol te schrijven.

Carola Janssen – schrijftrainer

Daarom kozen zij voor Prompt!

Als vertaler moet je ook goed kunnen schrijven, daar ben ik van overtuigd. Vandaar dat ik altijd tijd maak om vrij te schrijven. Prompt geeft me net dat zetje dat ik nodig heb.

Lizzie Kean – vertaler NL-EN en IT-EN

A present of Prompt!? That’s now possible

Give Prompt! as a gift to the language professional who already has it all. Your friend will get a weekly Prompt! in their mailbox for six months and enjoy all the other benefits of Prompt!! And all that for just 25 euros!.